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Tere Bin Laden – Life After OBL

May 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Analysis

How now that the head of the amorphous al Qaeda is gone, will the world live without this iconic face of terror?

One, the West is already seriously worried that their would be backlash from new al Qaeda leaders and have upgraded their security levels. The ghosts of OBL may strike any time, anywhere and with impunity under any brand name.

Two, the terror destination of the world shifts permanently to Pakistan despite a decade full of lies and obfuscation by various Pakistan personalities in power.

Third, the credibility of the Pakistan Military has come under a serious cloud at home and abroad in defence of the country while spreading lies to the world.

Fourth, Obama and his public diplomacy effort have finally paid off after 10 long years it took to understand diabolism of trusting ISI and the Pakistan military. How will this impact negotiations with the Taliban and will the rules of engagement change in the GWOT in Af Pak is the immediate question worrying Af Pak watchers. For India, the concern now is whether bin Laden’s death may prove a trigger for the United States to alter the pace or scope of its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. A quick retreat risks disruption and creating a vacuum along an arc of nuclear-armed adversaries and militant networks, including the Taliban and al Qaeda. Some Indian thinkers have argued that the US wanted Osama while the Pakistani’s wanted to regain strategic depth in Afghanistan. So there could be a deal.

As per an opinion in Military.com, “Pakistan is an unreliable partner but one worth holding onto, the thinking goes. No cooperation on fighting the Taliban and al-Qaida is a far scarier notion than the half-hearted assistance Islamabad sometimes appears to offer. Pakistan is key to ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing American troops home. Letting the weak government wobble too much is unacceptable because that could allow Islamist radicals to get their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons”.

Fifthly, What does India gain from the OBL episode apart from a sullied image of Pakistan. Will it ever embolden India to take a call on LeT or terrorists like Hafiz Syed, Ilyas Kashmiri or Dawood Ibrahim? An open question with no answers despite Indian Army Chief admitting that India had the capacity to undertake such operations. Is that then a question of will? Pakistan’s ISPR press brief post the Corps Commanders meeting of 05 May warns India against such moves.

Sixthly, could the Pakistan’s military – Jihadi combine now turn their attention to India to divert attention and finish their agenda, now that Osama is in Obama’s bag? India may face some terror attacks to remind it of the potency of Military Jihadi complex in Pakistan.

A fuller history of how Pakistan assisted Osama bin Laden eluded capture and enjoyed his affluent obscurity will take shape in times to come. His al Qaeda sympathizers are, for now, warning of revenge and there is reason to believe they will make good on the threat.

Still most of the world is relieved bin Laden is dead and catharsis can take many forms. As one Afghan official put it upon learning the news: “Finally Pakistan is exposed.”


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3 Responses to “Tere Bin Laden – Life After OBL”
  1. sultan geelani says:

    It is good news that ISIISI is one hundred percent credible in guarding Pakistani interests. Please remember that only Indians are capable of giving unstinted loyalty. Take Gandhiji. It is a fully verifiable truth that Gandhji, the ‘apostle’ of non-violence, supported every British war. DO PLEASE READ HIS UNQUALIFIED UTTERANCES FOR HIS SUPPORT FOR BRIATAINS BOER WAR. He even said at one point also said that he was prepared to act as a recruiting seargent for the British Army

    Only Rajpoots die for a Mogul ‘mahabaly.’ The chaps that are manning ISI are niether followers of Gandhiji, nor indeed do they have the special sense of Rajpoot honour to lay their lives for a Muslim ruler from Central Asia.

    Now, mark my words Americans will eat crow to save their 140,000 troops and their supplies in Afghanistan. Pakistan has assurances from China that this is now a practical proposition!!!

  2. peekay says:

    in the last ten yrs pakistans pro terrorism policy has cost them 34,000 deaths plus $ 70 mn financially. there have been 500 blasts/suicide attacks last year alone. their economy is in a mess and dependent on external support. this time around they stand fully exposed. its time their own countrymen start asking their army & isi questions as to where the “clandestine” (now fully overt ) pro terrorist policy is leading them to …… . more deaths, more violence, more …… etc

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