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News and Analysis 02 March

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Af Pak

The US Pakistan Relationship in Disarray FP  For the immediate future, the best-case scenario is that U.S.-Pakistan relations will simply continue to muddle along. With too many fundamental differences to consummate a healthy, sustainable relationship, yet with too much at stake for both sides to sever ties, a very shaky status quo may well persevere.

Afghan fighting not working – MPs BBC Evidence suggests that the present highly intensive counter-insurgency campaign in Afghanistan is not succeeding, MPs say.

Pakistan spends 7 times more on arms than on schools Dawn Pakistan, with one of the world`s largest out-of-school population, about 7.3 million, spends over seven times as much on arms as on primary schools, says a report of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco).

Pakistan Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti Shot Dead - BBC News

The Arab World

Can the Arab world leave anti-Semitism behind? Post As Arab nations rise up against tyranny, it’s time they rejected anti-Semitism.

The Arab revolution swells Post THREE QUESTIONS have driven discussion of the ongoing Arab revolt and how the United States should respond to it. Can it spread to all of the Arab states, including seemingly stable kingdoms, such as Saudi Arabia, and the most repressive police states, such as Syria? Can it be stopped with violence…

FP Favorites: The Stories That Mattered in February 2011 FP In this month’s installment of FP’s most popular stories of the month, the events unfolding in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world were king.

Diplomatic duplicity FP

A Road Tour of the Revolution FP From Tahrir to Lulu, a guide to the new Tiananmen Squares.

Should the U.S. Move Against Qaddafi? - New York Times opinion

Rising to Shake Off Fear in Libya – Los Angeles Times opinion

Indian Defence Budget

Chinese threat looms large Mr Antony must issue an operational directive to the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee and individual Service Chiefs to prepare and equip for a two-and-a-half front war which will include a full-blown insurgency. It’s time to prepare and stop hedging the China threat.

Defence Budget Facts

India’s Defence Budget (2010-2011): Wake up call for Defence Managers IDSA

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