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News and Analysis 07 October

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Mui Ne Beach: jump!

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Today is the day of events post Musharraf’s admission of Pakistan using terror as its stated policy

  • Reading Woodward in Karachi: Is this the nail in the coffin of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship? – Mosharraf Zaidi, Foreign Policy: “The things that have the most value for the Obama administration — using covert actions and drone strikes to take out known al Qaeda members — provoke the most disquiet in Pakistan. Pakistanis will not come away from reading Obama’s Wars with any confidence in the warm sincerity of Hillary Clinton‘s multiple visits to the country to build bridges and spur the U.S. public diplomacy machine. Instead, the suspicious instincts of Pakistanis will be vindicated. The irony could not be richer. No U.S. administration has ever invested so much effort and time in trying to understand and accommodate Pakistan’s complex realities into its own calculus. Woodward’s book confirms what this outpouring of U.S. interest and attention is all about: It is about fear.
  • Can Wen bridge the China-EU divideJonathan Holslag, CNN: “Haunted by a protectionist trade bill from the U.S. Congress and escalating tensions with Japan, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set course to Europe, eager to compensate for diplomatic wrangling on the Eastern front by making progress in the West. But there is not much reason for optimism. … The lack of progress in the EU-China relations shows once again how Beijing faces tough strategic dilemmas.
  • US apologizes as attacks in Pakistan continue (CNN) in a sign of possible movement, NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan said a joint assessment with Pakistan showed that NATO helicopter crews had shot at Pakistani border forces in the Sept. 30 strikes, thinking that they were responding to enemy fire. The statement was notable in that Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top commander, said, “We deeply regret this tragic loss of life and will continue to work with the Pakistan military and government to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”
  • White House report critical of Pakistan   CNN Despite repeated Obama administration claims in public that Pakistan is working hard to crack down on militants, a private White House review uses unusually tough language to suggest the ally is not doing nearly enough to confront the Taliban and al Qaeda, according to a copy of the report to Congress obtained by CNN. The report notes that from March to June, the Pakistani military “continued to avoid military engagements that would put it in direct conflict with Afghan Taliban or [al Qaeda] forces in North Waziristan. This is as much a political choice as it is a reflection of an under-resourced military prioritizing its targets.”
  • US pressing to open supply routes   CNN U.S. military operations in Afghanistan could continue to be fully supplied even if Pakistan refuses to open a major border post blocking hundreds of fuel tankers, the Pentagon said Tuesday. But the United States is hoping to resolve the matter and reopen the route soon. “We have been given indications that we are making progress on that front and hope to have the gate reopened as soon as possible,” said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell.
  • Foreign Militants Dawn Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Pakistani state appears to have few ideas about how to tackle the menace of foreign militants. Enforcing a uniform, zero-tolerance policy towards foreign militants in Fata is difficult because local commanders and groups often make use of the services of foreigners and offer them protection in return.
  • We are not Puppets Omar (HT) After months of projecting the image of a politically correct ally, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah blasted the Centre on Wednesday for the way its bureaucrats functioned during the crisis in the Valley.
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